Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seriously? Like... for cereal?

Okay, so I was just browsing around, chatting to some friends, playing some pointless internet games and I came upon this, sent to me by one of my friends:

Like seriously!?!?!

This is an actual pair of pantyhose that are for sale from a certain vendor who's name I won't say because I'm not sure if I'm allowed. But REALLY?! Like... for cereal?

How many people have actually bought these? I just don't understand I really don't.

One: If you love thongs so much why not just wear a thong and thigh high pantyhose? How do these make your life ANY easier? I mean - can you imagine how hard it would be to get in to these? I can just picture it. "Aw shit! I put my leg through the asshole again and now I've put a run in the leg! FCK!"

Can it really get any weirder? What in God's name would possess someone to spend $40.00 on these just to have their ass hang out? Don't we women have enough issues about our asses without feeling like we should be running about in ass-less pantyhose? And HOW in the name of everything holy are these supposed to make your ass look better in a skirt? Like really, take a good long gander at that model and then tell me if she looks a) comfortable or b) more attractive.


I was talking to my roommate about it and I posed this question: "What would you say if someone you were with suddenly stripped off their clothes and were standing there in those?"
We both came up with this answer: "WHAT THE FCK ARE YOU WEARING!?!?!?!"
I'm sorry. But if I was a man and this model peeled off her sexy black dress and was left standing in her ass-less pantyhose I don't think I'd be able to stop laughing. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't it much more attractive to seductively peel off your thigh-highs with a sultry stare rather than hop around like a wounded, one-legged kangaroo cursing and having your ass jiggle like a fool?

No? I'm wrong? Yeah, that's what I thought. This is just ridiculous. Really? REALLY!? I'm completely flabbergasted. How about just getting a pair of leather chaps? At least they're supposed to be ass-less and are a little more sexy. Plus anyone looks good in leather.

Ass-less pantyhose... seriously?

Eff me senseless so I don't have to suffer this ridiculousness anymore.....

Thank you and goodnight.

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