Monday, October 5, 2009

Gossip Girl... Out the Eyeballs

Gossip Girl... so much Gossip Girl.

I've been catching up on my GG and I must say, it's disgustingly addictive. Like all I want to do is move to NYC and just run around and crash parties at The Palace and go to the Hamptons. Is that completely irrational of me? Just jet off and be all crazy and fashionable and be in the Style pages of the New York Times.

It's just plain addictive. I really wish that I had nothing more to worry about than the latest fashion scandal, or the which hot club to hit in the evening, or who to wine and dine for Sunday brunch. Really, if my life was that carefree I'd be running around finding things to be outraged about. Making mountains out of molehills and all such jazz.

So... that's it. I'm going to NYC and I'm going to marry in to new Upper East Side money and get to run around and be on Gossip Girl and you know... the real gossip blogs like.... Perez? Dear god I hate Perez. I wish I could be the new Perez. It can't be that hard right? I mean all I have to do is jet down to Hollywood with a camera take a few pictures, make a few obvious and redundant comments and then post it on the internet. Right?

Okay so new plan! I'ma be the next Perez! Or maybe I'll just skip that step and become a supastar or a supahero! Yep. Supahero-dom here I come! Wheeooo!!

xo xo

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